Other Services we offer are theory test Pro

Pass Pluss


I am registered to carry out Pass Plus training.  If you live in the Fife area,Fife Council is doing  a Pass Plus initiative for £40. contact me for details 

Motorway Training


We can offer you motorway training. As motorways are our main links between  major cities, It can be a daunting task to face the motorway for the first time,  Why not have a 3 hour training package for confidence building

Skill refresher courses


Over the years our driving skills become lax, Why not keep them current,  Updating our skills helps us stay safe on the roads, Most Jobs  nowadays require us to undertake further training, So why not your driving 

Been living abroad


Been abroad for  a number of years, Coming back to the UK, WHy not have a refresher on  Uk driving laws,Get used to driving on the left again. 

Theory test Training


Struggling with your theory test. Let us help you We use state of the art training software

Special needs


We can cater for learners with special needs. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements